Allergy-friendly rugs

Rugs are a unique and stylish element for any interior design and outdoor environment. A rug creates cosiness, gives an exclusive vibe and is a defining statement in the decor. Give your living room or terrace the final touch by adding a nice rug to your lounge group or your dining area.

Cane-line's collection of outdoor/indoor rugs is the result of classic design and good craftsmanship. The rugs are designed in the durable material Selected PP, which withstand wind and weather, and is both UV-resistant, antibacterial and allergy-friendly. Several of the rug series are handmade, which make each rug unique.

Comfort for the feet

Comfort is in focus when Cane-line develops products. The Clover rug is created in a strong weave, which can seem completely therapeutic to walk on, and massaging for your feet and toes. The Circle rugs are also made so that they are extra soft and comfortable to walk on, even with bare feet on a warm summer day.