Cozy bean bag chair

$2,255.00 AUD
Outdoor & Indoor

Cozy bean bag chair

$2,255.00 AUD
Type: Lounge
Item number: 8352Y143
Stackable: No
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Cozy is a comfortable beanbag chair with a relaxing and soft appearance. Cozy brings out the perfect laidback lounge vibe for both the indoor and outdoor space. Cozy beanbag chair is designed by Cane-line Design. The casual and comfy beanbag chair provides maximum comfort, as it shapes itself to your body. Pair it with your comfy lounge sofa and create the perfect lounge vibe. Cozy is designed with a strong drain net in the bottom ensuring that the water drains from the chair. This ensures that you can enjoy your beanbag chair quickly after a downpour.

Cozy bean bag chair (8352)
100 cm
39.4 inches *
140 cm
55.2 inches *
70 cm
27.6 inches *
Seat height:
40 cm
15.8 inches *
10.5 kg
23.2 lbs *
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