Knit rug, 240x170 cm

$4,210.00 AUD
Outdoor & Indoor

Knit rug, 240x170 cm

$4,210.00 AUD
Type: Accessories
Item number: 79240X170Y90
Stackable: No
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Knit rug is an elegant outdoor rug. It features a fine structure design, adding subtle sophistication to any outdoor space. Made of high-quality materials, it blends durability with a luxurious texture. It's easy to clean and maintain. Elevate your outdoor space with the Knit outdoor rug and experience its exceptional quality and style.

Knit rug, 240x170 cm
240 cm
94.5 inches *
170 cm
67 inches *
1 cm
0.4 inches *
15.19 kg
33.5 lbs *
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