Rise scatter cushion, 32x52 cm

$215.00 AUD
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Rise scatter cushion, 32x52 cm

$215.00 AUD
Type: Accessories
Item number: 5290Y150
Stackable: No
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Elevate the charm of your furniture with our Rise scatter cushion, designed to infuse your space with a personalised touch. Choose from a selection of natural colours to seamlessly complement your style, adding warmth and a sense of completion to your furniture. Crafted to harmonise with each unique design, our cushions enhance the lines and shapes of your Cane-line furniture, delivering an elevated level of comfort.

Constructed from a durable and resilient fabric, our Rise scatter cushions boast high lightfastness and robust weather resistance. Cane-line Rise, is a textile specially developed to add a deeper and more relaxed expression. Cane-line Rise has a coarser weave, and as the name suggests, the textile has a deeper pile than the classic Cane-line textiles. Enjoy cushions with a prolonged lifespan with minimal maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Cane-line offers a diverse range of cushions in different fabrics, allowing you to discover the perfect match for your space. Explore our maintenance manuals for guidance on preserving the longevity of your chosen cushions.

Rise scatter cushion, 32x52 cm
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